Classical Books on Swordsmanship

Looking for your next read? let’s take a fun trip to the future with our selection of the best classical books on swordsmanship.

But before getting started, you should know the basics. The term Swordsmanship implies the skills or abilities of a swordsman (a person skilled in the art of using swords). This term is quite modern and was predominantly used to refer to sword fencing. But it can likewise be applied to refer to any martial art form that includes the use of a sword. There are hundreds of books on swordsmanship.

Sounds interesting! Right?

Then without wasting time, let’s find out the most amazing books on swordsmanship.


Shinkendo Japanese Swordsmanship by Toshishiro Obata

This initial work on the specialty of Shinkendo covers each aspect of information like sword-drawing, solo forms, sword-swinging, test-cutting, and partnered sparring via targeting with a real sword. In this masterpiece, the writer of Shinkendo explains every aspect from training to practice by adding its curriculum, philosophy, and technique. Step-by-step illustration by using pictures and detailed descriptions show different forms from each part of the training. Also, history, traditional etiquette, and even safety precautions are very well explained.


Classical Swordsmanship of Japan by Serge Mol

For many centuries, the sword was the symbol and the primary weapon of the Japanese warrior named Bushi or Samurai. Sword techniques like Kenjutsu or Iaijutsu were exceptionally regarded. Over time, it became the primary focus of many Schools or Ryuha that were interested to add the knowledge of swordsmanship.

Classical Swordsmanship of Japan played an important and authoritative role regarding the subject of Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu accessible in any of the significant Western languages to date. This artistic work done by Serge Mol includes around 800 years of history of swordsmanship, covers historical information of around 49 sword schools, and references more than 250 as well. Also, this book includes detail of around 280 classical sword masters that played a major role in the history of Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu.


Persian Archery and Swordsmanship: Historical Martial Arts of Iran

The book Persian Archery and Swordsmanship: Historical Martial Arts of Iran is basically an instructional booklet on the authentic Iranian martial arts in the application. The martial arts have affected all areas of the ten thousand-year languages, cultures, and histories of the Iranian people, and stay right up till the present time like the Iranian national identity.

The book provides a fully colored list of numerous armor and historical Persian arms at the end of the book with every detail and information. Also, the book has various miniatures portraying distinctive war scenes from different Persian manuscripts.


Japanese Sword Fighting: Secrets of the Samurai by Masaaki Hatsumi

In this book, the most well-known Budo and Ninja grandmaster in the world, Masaaki Hatsumi explored the regarded Japanese history of sword fighting and shared insights into the hidden essence of martial arts with the audience. He explores many classical techniques such as Yagyu Shinkage-Ryu, Ninja Kenpo, and two-sword techniques as well. Drawing on his profound knowledge, the author explains the practical and advanced applications of the art in this book.

The most secret and mysterious techniques are also explained even those including armor and the range of famous MutoDori (no-sword) techniques-the great martial form of the samurai. Beautiful calligraphy by popular samurai masters accompanies the detail and the great historical illustrations that assist in elaborating the grace and magnificence of the famous Japanese sword fighting.